Takin' A Long Look - Dale McBride

Dale McBride was a grand performer â?? as much at home on the stage as at a backyard barbeque. His love of music is evident in every note he sang and his heart never drifted from his native Texas country roots. Takin' A Long Look truly illustrates his versatility. Whether he is singing his own self-penned "Wakin' Up in the USA," the classic â??My Heart Cries For Youâ? or "Mexicali Rose," Daleâ??s vocals possess an enthusiasm that is simply undeniable.

All tracks on Takin' A Long Look, with the exception of "Wakin' Up in the USA" and "Corpus Christie Wind" were produced and arranged by Bill Walker. Dale himself produced the other two tracks.

Executive Producer Jeff Walker
Digital Authorizing Jon Walker from AristoWorks
Mastering: Jim Gilmore

Track Listing:
1. Wakin' Up In The USA - Dale McBride - Con Brio Music (BMI)
2.You Left A Lot Of Woman - Jack Waters - Con Brio Music (BMI)
3. Take A Long Look At Lonesome - Dale McBride - Con Brio Music (BMI)
4. Mexicali Rose - Jack Tinny, Helen Stone Duchess Music(BMI)
5. I Know The Feeling - Jerry K. Green - Con Brio Music (BMI)
6. Getting Over You Again - Eddie Rabbit - Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc(BMI)
7. Corpus Christie Wind - Dale McBride - Tupper Publishing Company /Soulsongs Inc (BMI)
8. A Sweet Love Song The World Can Sing --Studio Mix - Don King, Dave Woodward - Wiljex Publishing Company(ASCAP)
9. Lady Guitar - Don Earl - Horipro - Sixteen Stars(BMI)
10. My Heart Cries For You - Carl Sigman, Percy Faith - Drolet Music / PolyGram(ASCAP)

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