Running Out Of Memories - Amber Hayes

Singer, songwriter, actress and entertainer Amber Hayes is set to release her new 5-track EP, titled Running Out Of Memories, on Nov. 4, 2014.
The album, which is released through GMV Nashville/A-OK Entertainment, will be available on iTunes, Amazon and other major digital retailers. Running Out Of Memories features three new songs that are produced by Bobby Terry, a remix of her previously released tune, â??Me & Loretta,â? and a new rendition of â??Cotton Eyed Joe,â? which was in the family-film, Cowgirls â??N Angels 2: Dakotaâ??s Summer.

Hayes comments, â??I am so ready to share new music with Country music fans. Iâ??ve wanted to work with Bobby Terry for a long time and Iâ??m so excited to do so on this project. He has always blown me away with his talent. Iâ??ve thoroughly enjoyed the time Iâ??ve spent looking for and co-writing these three new songs and I feel like they are just right for me.â?

Running Out Of Memories track listing:
1. â??Running Out Of Memoriesâ? â?? Amber Hayes, Bill Diluigi, JP Williams
2. â??How Can I Feelâ? â?? Rebecca Lynn Howard, Elisha Hoffman, Jody Aaron Friedman
3. â??If I Were In Your Bootsâ? â?? Adam Fears, John Northrup, Tiffany Jena Babson
4. â??Cotton Eyed Joeâ? â?? Dance Remix â?? Amber Hayes, Charlie Kelly
5. â??Me & Lorettaâ? Remix (re-release) â?? Amber Hayes, Brady Seals, Brian Eckert

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