Tribute To The Statler Brothers - Bill Walker

We first met Bill Walker in 1969 when he was the Musical Director of The Johnny Cash TV Show on ABC. We were regulars on the same show, although not very regular now that we look back on it. But we were there everyday, and so was he, and we learned more about music from watching him handle the orchestra than we had ever learned sleeping through music class in high school. He was that stern, friendly man with the funny accent (Aussie), who managed the musicians, the guests, the host, and the union timekeeper with the charm of a smile, while still getting the job done on time and with the excellence and professionalism unmatched by anyone we had ever met before. Of course, at this time we hadn't met a lot of people. But by 20 years later, we had and when we began our own TV series, we knew from the start who we wanted at our musical helm. So when Milton Delugg and Skitch Henderson turned us down, we knew Bill Walker was our man. After working five seasons with us on our show and working countless awards shows and specials over the past 25 years, Bill finally broke under the pressure and agreed to record an album of our songs and call it, A Salute To The Statler Brothers. We promised if he would do this we would start actually paying him at the beginning of the sixth season. Then he asked if we would consent to letting him turn around on the piano stool and let people see his face during the closing song. This, of course, was going too far. So be content with listening to this marvelous orchestra play some really great songs because we don't intend to mess up a good TV show with him looking into the camera.

The Statler Brothers Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune, Don Reid

P.S.- Bill, we love you. You're our musical Daddy and we could never have done it without you.

When you hear a title like 'All-Time Gospel Favorites', you wonder what can be so special about music that's been around for maybe a hundred years. It's probably been around a hundred years because it is so special. We know and love these old songs like "The Old Rugged Cross" and "What Friend We Have In Jesus", because of the message they bring each time we hear them. But the magic thing about these songs is the beautiful melodies touch you without even hearing the words. Bill Walker, his piano, and orchestra have brought together pretty music, great arrangements, and familiar songs that will make all your old favorites sound brand new again. Bill Walker is a talented and gifted musician, but what we love best about him is that he is one of our best friends. Sit down and listen with someone you love.

- The Statlers The Bill Walker Orchestra Bill Walker- Piano/Keyboards Jimmy Capps- Guitars Mark Casstevens- Guitars/Harmonicas John Clausi- Guitars/Banjo Hal Rugg- Steel Guitar/Dobro Bob Burns- Bass Mike Leech- Bass Bill Harriss- Drums George Tidwell- Trumpet Rex Peer- Trombone Denis Solee- Woodwinds Carl Gorodetzky- Violin Pamela Sixfin- Violin Lee Larrison- Violin Alan Umstead- Violin Monisa Angell- Viola Bob Mason- Cello Sounds, Inc. (Background Vocals) Jeanine Walker- Soprano Wendy Johnson- Alto Jim Ferguson- Tenor Louis Nunley- Bass Produced by Jeanine Walker for Down Under Productions Recording Engineer: Rusty King Mixing Engineer: Rocky Schnaars Recorded at Down Under Studio, Nashville, TN Project Executive: Norm Anderson Production Assistant: Stacey Jennette

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