Stay With Me - Terri Hollowell

The tracks for Terri Hollowell's second album "Stay With Me" were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee during 1978 and 1979. The songs reflect her considerable vocal range and ability. Compare the bright up tempo "Happy Go Lucky Morning" with the ode to heartbreaks of marital separation with "Six Weeks Every Summer" or the melodic quest for anticipated love with "I Believe In Someone".

A native of Jeffersonville, Indiana her short but productive career yielded five nationally charted singles, several oversees trips and numerous domestic accomplishments.

All selections on Stay With Me were produced and arranged by Bill Walker in Nashville, Tennessee.

Executive Producer Jeff Walker
Digital Authorizing Jon Walker from AristoWorks
Mastering: Jim Gilmore

Track Listing:
1. Just Stay With Me - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
2. He Makes Love Feel Good To Me - Scott Summer - Con Brio Music (BMI)
3. I Believe In Someone - Don King, Jeff Walker ,Dave Woodward - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
4. Happy Go Lucky Morning - Scott Summer - Con Brio Music (BMI)
5. Arizona Gold - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
6. Say What I Feel Tonight - Don King - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP) and Mike Kosser - Con Brio Music (BMI)
7. I Wasn't There - Jeanine Walker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
8. You're My Hiding Place - Ray Davis - Con Brio Music (BMI)
9. Let's Be Lonely Together - Scott Summer - Con Brio Music (BMI)
10. Six Weeks Every Summer - Fran Powers - Con Brio Music (BMI)

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