I Only Know One Way - John Daly

Daly's album, recorded for Long Ball Records, is a joint venture project between Long Ball, HopeSong Digital and GMV Nashville

1. Hit It Hard - John Daly / David Malloy / Matt Nolen Long Ball Rebel Music (ASCAP) / Mason's Dad Music (BMI) / Blacktop Music (BMI)

2. Blue Collar Golfer - John Daly / David Taylor - Long Ball Rebel Music (ASCAP)

3. I Only Know One Way - Featuring Darius Rucker - John Daly / Darius Rucker - Long Ball Rebel Music (ASCAP) / Cadaja Music (ASCAP)

4. All I Know - John Daly / Brian Beatty - Long Ball Rebel Music (ASCAP)

5. Lonely As A Man Can Be - John Daly - Long Ball Rebel Music (ASCAP)

6. Big John - Jocko - Dardanelle Rebel Redneck Music (BMI)

7. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan - Special Rider Music (SESAC)

8. The Canvas - Alex Orbison

9. Wrong Directions - John Daly / Brian Beatty - Long Ball Rebel Music (ASCAP)

10. God Sent A Woman - John Daly / David Malloy / Matt Nolen Long Ball Rebel Music (ASCAP) /Mason's Dad Music (BMI) / Blacktop Music (BMI)

11. Lost Soul - John Daly - Long Ball Rebel Music (ASCAP)

The songs that you will hear on this album are true, and they come from the heart.

I'd like to thank Larry Rinker who got me started in music and who taught me some chords on the guitar.

Johnny Lee who is my best friend, and who always told me to write and sing from the heart which I feel like I have done on this album.

Darius Rucker & Mark Bryant who have been great friends on mine for many years and to Darius Rucker for helping me write the song "I Only Know One Way".

Herky Williams who for 3 years have been trying to get me to do this album, and I've finally done it!

My producer, David Malloy & Mickey Jack Cones the master of mastering music.

My musicians & the back up vocalists were just tremendous to work with. They have so much talented it made this album so much easier for me to do!

Anna, "God Sent A Woman" this is for you.

And most of all THANKS to all my FANS, who still believe in me.
God Bless,
The Lion!
John Daly
And of, by the way - I ONLY KNOW ONE WAY!

Executive Producer: Herky Williams for Short Ball Productions

Produced by: David Mallory for Short Ball Productions

Tracks 1,7,9,10,11 recorded at Masterlink Studios by Chard Hailey - Assisted by Brando Marius
Tracks 2,3,4,5,6,8 record at Superphonic Studios by Ben Phillips Vocals overdubs recording by Mickey Jack Cones at The Conderosa
Mixed by Adam Ayan, Gateway Mastering
Darius Rucker appears courtesy of Capitol Records Nashville

Mike Payne - Electric Guitar
Tim Lauer - Keyboards
Russ Paul - Steel Guitar
Llya Toshinsky - Acoustic Guitar
Tony Lucido & Market Hall - Bass Guitar
Ben Phillips - Drums
Matt Nolen - Piano on tracks 7 & 10 - Real B3 on tracks 5 & 9
Mickey Jack Cones - Background vocals on all tracks
Bekka Bramlet & Etta Britt - Background vocals on tracks 1,2, 5 & 7
Production Coordinator - Angela Gresham-Wheeler
Art Direction - Angela Gresham- Wheeler
Photographer Courtesy of - Golf Channel / Matt Stroshane
Additional Art - Patters courtesy of Loudmouth Golf
Additional Photos - Lori Phillips Photography
Design - Ron Brower at CRT, Custom Products, Inc

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