The Dale McBride Collection - Dale McBride

The Dale McBride Collection showcases the talents of an entertainer, performer and songwriter who was a household name on the Texas music scene for many years.
Additionally no stranger to the rest of country, McBride had considerable national chart success in the 1970's with many songs, including Corpus Christi Wind (originally released on the Thunderbird label), Ordinary Man, I Don't Like Cheatin' Songs, Getting Over You Again, and Always Lovin' Her Man(All released on the Con Brio Label)

As a songwriter, his compositions My Girl, Get Your Hands On Me Baby,and Love I Need You illustrate a diverse side to his talents.

McBride knew from age six that he wanted to be a singer. He received his first guitar at age 13 and started performing professionally when he was 17. He was a native of the Lampassas / Central Texas area. His first big break in music came as a member of Jimmy Heaps Melody Masters. Dale McBride was born in 1936 in Bell County Texas. He died in 1992.

His son Terry formerly of the group McBride and The Ride, is carrying on the family tradition - making music, writing songs, and as a fixture of the Nashville writing community.
The Dale McBride Collection is for your enjoyment, whether you are a past Dale McBride enthusiast or just now being introduced to his music.

All selections produced and arranged by Bill Walker for Con Brio Productions.

The tracks for this album were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1977 and in 1978 and re-mixed in 1991.

Executive Producer: Jeff Walker
Digital Authorizing: Jon Walker for AristoWorks

Track Listing:
1. Get Your Hands On Me Baby Dale McBride - Con Brio Music (BMI)
2. I'm Savin' Up Sunshine Sid Linard - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
3. She Makes Love Feel Good To Me Scott Summer - Con Brio Music (BMI)
4. My Girl Dale McBride - Con Brio Music (BMI)
5. A Sweet Love Song The World Can Sing Don King & Dave Woodward - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
6. It's Hell To Know She's Heaven Mike Kosser & Jim Hsieh - Con Brio Music (BMI)
7. I Don't Like Cheatin' Songs Don King & Dave Woodward - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
8. Let's Be Lonely Together Scott Summer - Con Brio Music (BMI)
9. Love I Need You Fran Powers & Dale McBride - Con Brio Music (BMI)
10. Always Lovin' Her Man Harold Kinman - Con Brio Music (BMI)
11. Ordinary Man Jack Ruthven - Con Brio Music (BMI)
12. You Have Missed Nothing Donald Jackson - Con Brio Music (BMI)
13. A Love For All Seasons Don King & Dave Woodward - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)

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