The Terri Hollowell Collection - Vol. 1 - Terri Hollowell

The Terri Hollowell Collection Volume 1 was originally released in January 1979 on the Nashville based Con Brio Records label. Entitled "Just You And Me" the album contains three Billboard nationally charted singles May I(See You Again), Its Too Soon To Say Goodbye, and a country interpretation of the Beatles classic "Strawberry Fields Forever".

A native of Jeffersonville, Indiana, Terri made quite an impression on the United Kingdom market touring over five times between 1978-1980. The trips included an appearance at the prestigious 1979 Wembly Festival and co-hosting four shows on BBC-2 television in late 1979.

Terri retired from professional singing in 1981 following the birth of her first child choosing motherhood over a career. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is active in the administrative side of the music business.

All selections on The Terri Hollowell Collection Volume 1 were produced and arranged by Bill Walker in Nashville, Tennessee during 1978.

Executive Producer Jeff Walker
Digital Authorizing Jon Walker from AristoWorks

Track Listing:
1. We've Got It All Together - Don King, Dave Woodward & Jeff Walker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
2. I Wrote This Song For You - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
3. Was That Really Love That We Made - Scott Summer - Con Brio Music (BMI)
4. Texas Sunrise And Me - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
5. Ain't Got Time To Fall In Love - Don King - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
6. Hurry Home Cowboy - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
7. May I(See You Again) - Ken Bowman - Con Brio Music (BMI)
8. It's Too Soon To Say Goodbye - Joe Ashley - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
9. One More Singer In Nashville - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
10. Sharing(All Of The Good Times) - Jeff Raymond - Con Brio Music (BMI)
11. Big Mama Johns - Jack Waters - Con Brio Music (BMI)
12. Strawberry Fields Forever - John Lennon & Paul McCartney - Macien Music (BMI)

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