Road Dogs - Charlie Daniels Band

Not since Fire on the Mountain has the Charlie Daniels Band delivered a record so emotionally charged with screaming guitars and real, honest to goodness Southern-style rock & roll. From the opening chords of the ultimate rock-band-on-the-road tune, "Road Dogs," it is obvious that this release is neither a straight gospel recording like Steel Witness nor a country flavored album like Same Old Me. This is Charlie's hottest rocking recording in many years and a breath of clear, fresh air. Not that there was anything wrong with his previous endeavors. Each had its own set of high points and bits of musical genius, but Road Dogs rocks.

"Ain't No Law in California" is an especially memorable rebel yell of a song, with Charlie belting out "Welcome to the wild wild west." "Sidewinder" is more than a little reminiscent of the very best Allman Brothers Band instrumental, featuring triple-lead guitars, overlapping in smooth, tight harmony with all the flavor of a Mexicalli road trip.

At the age of 63, Charlie Daniels has returned to his Southern rock roots and sounds as good as ever. This is one old road dog who isn't even considering curling up on the porch and letting life pass him by. He's rockin,' but it's not in a rocking chair, it's behind a Gibson guitar. ~ Michael Smith, All Music Guide

Track Listing:
1. Road Dogs
2. Ain't No Law In California
3. Even Up The Score
4. Across The Line
5. The Martyr
6. How Much I Love You
7. Wild Wild Young Men
8. Sidewinder
9. Standing In The Rain
10. It's About Time
11. Sail Away

All songs written by Charlie Daniels © 2000 CDB Music, LLC (BMI) except:
"Even Up The Score" written by Bruce Brown © 2000 Brass Crab Publishing (BMI)
"Standing In The Rain" written by Taz DiGregorio and S. Danielle Elks DiGregorio © February 9, 1999 Tazmanian Music (BMI)

Produced by: Charlie Daniels and Patrick Kelly
Executive Producer: David Corlew
Engineered and Mixed by: Patrick Kelly
Recorded and Mixed at: Twin Pines Studio (Lebanon, TN)
Digital Editing by: Kent Hooper
Mastered by: Hank Williams at MasterMix (Nashville, TN)

Charlie Daniels- Vocals, Guitar
Bruce Brown- Vocals, Guitar
Charlie Hayward- Bass
Pat McDonald- Drums, Percussion
Chris Wormer- Vocals, Guitar
Background Vocals: Bonnie Bramlett, Bruce Brown, Carolyn Corlew, Chris Wormer
Strings: David Davidson, David Angell, John Catchings, Kathryn Plummer
String Arrangement: Chris Wormer

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