Sunshine Love - Terri Hollowell

Terri Hollowell's Sunshine Love was recorded in a series of sessions in 1978 and 1979. Hollowell, originally from Jeffersonville, Indiana, was signed to Con Brio Records in 1977 and recorded for the label until early 1980.

The album includes three songs written by Lori Parker, who also recorded for Con Brio at the time. Also included is a newly remastered version of Terri's interpretation of the classic Beatles' hit "Strawberry Fields Forever." Sunshine Love showcases a versatile side to Terri Hollowell that complements her other two digital releases nicely - The Terri Hollowell Collection and Stay With Me.

Noted arranger/conductor and record producer Bill Walker produced all the tracks on Sunshine Love.

Executive Producer Jeff Walker
Digital Authorizing Jon Walker from AristoWorks
Mastering: Jim Gilmore

Track Listing:
1. Pocketful Of Love - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
2. Wakin' Up Losin' My Mind - Ed Jones & Elaine Rhoades - Concorde Publishing(SESAC)
3. Waltz Me Around Again Willie - Max D. Barnes, Troy Seals - Screen Gems EMI Music
4. Together Forever - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
5. That Ain't No Way To Say Goodbye - Lori Parker - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
6. No Strings On This Heart - Danny Vick - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
7. Strawberry Fields Forever(Pop Version) - Lennon & McCartney - EMI Music
8. Sunshine Love - Cile Davis, Cylde Pitts, Jerry Pitts - Con Brio(BMI) / Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
9. Is She Prettier Than Me - Don King, Dave Woodward - Wiljex Publishing Company (ASCAP)
10. This Must Be What Love It All About - Becky Hobbs - EMI Gallico Music Corporation

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