Scott Summer


Songwriter Scott Summer grew up a self-professed “hillbilly” in the small town of Mullins, West Virginia.  An avid fan of country and folk music, Scott was influenced by the hippie movement of the 60s, crafting his songs and performances in a style similar to that of the popular counterculture icon Arlo Guthrie.

His early career as a musician was cut short when he was drafted and sent overseas to Vietnam in 1968, however.  Returning home late the following year, Scott eventually ended up in Nashville in 1972, where he met Con Brio Records’ owner Bill Walker.  Scott immediately signed a deal with the label, writing hits like “Better Off Alone” for Jan Howard, “She Makes Love Feel Good to Me” for Dale McBride and “Music Is My Woman” for Don King.

Scott’s first record, Flipside of Today, broke into Billboard’s Top 100 in 1977 and charted in Record World and Cashbox Magazine as well.  His second single, also a hit, was called “I Don’t Wanna Want You.”  All told, Scott turned out 13 singles and nine album cuts to his credit before leaving Nashville and moving to Kansas in 1980.

Scott became an RN in 1986, but never lost his taste for songwriting and performing.  He started his own publishing company and released a self-titled CD in 2004, produced by his old friend Bill Walker.  Today, Scott enjoys performing for veterans organizations across the country and continues to write songs at his home in Kansas.


Albums From Scott Summer