Lori Parker


Born in Williamson West Virginia and proud of her Native American and Irish descent, Lori Parker grew up on the cusp of the Blue Ridge Mountains- in the heart of the coal fields. She inherited a musical ear from a musical family. Evenings were filled with impromptu front porch concerts for family and neighbors. In her summer evenings the air was filled with harmony of gospel songs (often sang a cappella). Her mother was self trained five-octave singer and an accomplished musician. As a teenager, her mother had her own radio program and performed with her brothers as ‘The Mountain Sweetheart’.

At the age of twelve Lori was a self taught guitarist and songwriter. Her first paid performance was at the Belfry KY Power Company Theater singing “Me and Bobby McGee" and “Mule Skinner Blues". Starting as solo accompanying herself on guitar, she was amazed, as unplanned, one by one musicians joined her on stage. With instrumental interludes, the songs were extended for more than fifteen minutes and when finished, the crowd stood and roared. Lori had turned ‘professional’ at age twelve, earning her first ten dollars.

She became engrossed in songwriting and inspired by the music of current artists, at the time like Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot and the Eagles, Chet Atkins, Bill Monroe, and Dolly Parton among many others. Despite that Lori admits her foremost inspiration derives from her family’s fusion with music.

In 1976 Lori made her first trip to Nashville where noted record producer/arranger Bill Walker, recognizing her talent signed her to a production deal, and recording contract which eventually led to single releases on the Con Brio label.

During her Con Brio years Lori had 3 songs single releases and also had cuts by label mates Don King and Terri Hollowell as well as charting her own “Steppin’ Out Tonight" track.

From Country Ragtime to folk, ballads and pop music, Lori says, “I love singing, but I actually love the songwriting more than anything. To me, music is a perfect mixed-media of concepts and creativity."

While Lori is no longer recording her own music she is still an active songwriter.

She now resides in Indiana and is celebrating the release of her “Just Steppin’ Out" CD digitally.

“I enjoy songwriting because it allows me to share, awaken or revive a feeling… and just basically connect with people through my songs. The music usually leads the lyrics. I know I’ve done a good job when people enjoy the end result. To make that happen I just have to let go and glide with the music.

Lori Parker: Her songs reflect the history of her family, her times, and collective dreams.


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