Lane Brody


The beautiful and multi-talented Lane Brody is best known for her No. 1 Country duet with Johnny Lee, “The Yellow Rose.”  As a musical artist, she has been nominated for multiple Grammy awards in the Best Artist, Best Album and Best Jazz Vocal Performance categories and was the first female singer in Country music to have a song from a soundtrack (“Over You,” from the film Tender Mercies) nominated for an Oscar. 

Throughout her career, Lane has also worked as a model and an actress, appearing in the television sitcom series, “Taxi”, and in films like Heart of the City.  In early 2010, she released On The Wings Of Songs and reissued her collection of Jazz standards, Familiar Places.  Both projects were released through Nashville-based digital label, GMV Nashville.  On The Wings Of Songs featured the single, “Found In Each Other.”

Lane’s most recent single “Flames Turned Blue” which also spawned a video for the song, produced and directed by Ross Wood.  Visit for the latest information.

Yellow Rose Of Texas

Taxi Clip

Unsung Heroes Documentary


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