Don King


A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Don King moved to Nashville in the mid 1970’s to pursue big dreams. In less than a year he had teamed up with the Con Brio Records team and was recording, writing, and touring.

In the three years between 1977 and 1979 he gathered ten consecutive national charted singles as an artist. They were:
- Cabin High (In the Blue Ridge Mountains)
- I’ve Got You (To Come Home To)
- She’s The Girl of My Dreams
- I Must Be Dreaming
- The Feeling’s So Right Tonight
- You Were Worth Waiting For*
- Don’t Make No Promises
- Music Is My Woman*
- Live Entertainment
- I’ve Got Country Music In My Soul

(Don wrote or co-wrote 8 out of 10 these charted singles*. The only exceptions were “You Were Worth Waiting For” and “Music Is My Woman”).

The majority of these singles reaches the national Top 40.

The journey of how Don got singed to Con Brio is like a storybook. While playing in a local bar, a representative from a publishing company asked Don to come to his office to audition. Don arrived at the right time in the wrong place. It seems the publishing company had recently changed locations and Don showed up at the old address, which happened to be Con Brio Records! Less than three months later Don was signed to the label as a writer and recording artist.

As a writer, his compositions were actively recorded by other artists on the label such as: Dale McBride, Terri Hollowell, Opry Star Jan Howard and Australian singing Legend Reg Lindsay. Many of these recordings yielded solid national chart positions, which gave him more success for him as a writer.

Don’s years at Con Brio taught him a lot about the Music Business. He built relationship, honed his songwriting and performing talent and matured into a full fledged entertainer.

In the 80’s he signed with Epic Records and continued his chart success with half a dozen nationally charted singles. He toured extensively opening for such prestigious artists such as Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, Reba McEntire, Crystal Gayle, Loretta Lynn,  and Conway Twitty. His songwriting continued to draw accolades as he attained Top Ten singles with two songs he co-wrote Reba McEntire’s “Why Do We Want We Know We Can’t Have” and Janie Fricke’s “You Don’t Know Love”.

In the 90’s Don expanded into record production, studio engineering and film and video production. It was the latter that caught the attention of the Tennessee Wildlife Resourses Agency who hired him to co-write (with long time friend Dave Woodward) the theme to their weekly PBS Television show. His relationship with the TWRA grew and he eventually accepted a position there, which has turned into a tenured position for him.

He now balances his life at the Agency with an active music career. He moonlights as part of two groups – 2nd Nature (A Bluegrass Focused Trio) and The Road Crew (which recently recorded a Route 66 focused project) – as well as accepting solo acoustic performances. In 2006 he released a Christian album entitled “Hymns of Faith”.

Along with his dad, Don King Sr., he owns and operates The Cypress Room studio in Nashville and in his spare time, he enjoys a family life with wife Peggy and daughter Katie.

Professionally Don still loves the songwriting, “To me songwriting provides an expression of emotion, memories, and an in sense spirituality, because it is so personal. I believe that all the success I have had in music can be part traced back to expressing myself through my writing.” Nowhere is this statement more corroborated than in the listening to Don’s haunting ode to his home state, in the safe penned Old Nebraska Memories.


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