GMV Nashville is a digital record label based out of Nashville, TN. Founded in 2007 as a division of The Goodland Group, the GMV Nashville catalog offers hard-to-find titles by classic artists, as well as current releases and special products through digital distribution.

GMV Nashville was first conceived as a digital outlet for a number of classic albums that were originally released through the Con Brio record label in the 70s.  This series included titles by artists like Terri Hollowell, Dale McBride, Lori Parker, Don King, Jan Howard, Chester Lester, Sheila Tilton and Scott Summer.  The Con Brio label was named Billboard's Best New Country Label of the Year in 1977, but the majority of its catalog had been out-of-print for years until now.

After enthusiastic response to GMV Nashville's debut series of releases, the company expanded the catalog to include contemporary artists and special products, like the ledandary golpher John Daly I Only Know One Way Charlie Daniels Band Road Dogs release and former Marshall Tucker Band guitarist Toy Caldwell’s Son of the South album.

Several of the releases have been featured on Sirius XM's The Highway Find (The Cains "Journey's End", and J. Michal Harter's "Playing With Fire".

All of GMV’s titles are available exclusively as digital downloads at most major online music retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.